Parking Lot Fundraising BBQ's

April 27, 2015
Parking Lot Fundraising BBQ's

The Co-op Food Store will be hosting parking lot fundraising BBQ’s on Fridays in the Food Store Parking lot this summer.

The Co-op will provide you with everything you need other than your cash float and your volunteers to cook and run the BBQ.

We will begin May 15th and stop after September 11th this will provide for 18 opportunities for groups to participate.  We are looking to have 18 different groups participate but if we have less than 18 there will be opportunities for groups to have more than one BBQ.

These BBQ’s will be advertised on the Beeland Co-op Facebook page however each club is encouraged to promote their BBQ’s to maximize your profits.

Clubs are encouraged to apply to run these BBQ’s and will be sold product at cost and all profits will then be the clubs. 

Please find Application Form Under Attachment.